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A great accent for any table, shelf, or counter, our mango wood & white enamel tray is the perfect piece of functional décor. Paired with a hand-poured candle (& matches too cute to hide away), your house will be filled with scents of cozy warm nights. A neutral stoneware frame rounds this package off. Display together for a curated look or place anywhere throughout the house.


 - Large Enamel Tray (15in x 8in)

 - Black/Cream Stoneware Frame: Diamond Pattern (6in x 5.75in, holds 3 x 3 photo)

- Small Batch Hand Poured Soy Candle, Braided Cotton Wick: Tobacco & Honey (4oz)

- Small Glass Jar with Matches (65ct)

- Wick Trimmer


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